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Thermometer -40/+160 F 1.0. Must Store With Bulb

Sometimes you need to know the temperature of the water while taking a sample. These inexpensive yet rugged thermometers are ideal for this purpose. Use them separately or have them mounted directly onto the inside of your transparent acrylic Van Dorn or 1.2 - 3.2 L Kemmerer bottle. All have scale accuracy of +/- 1% and can be used for either fresh or ocean waters. • 146 mm (5-3/4”) in length. • Totally immersible and armored for hand use. • Spirit-filled (spirit is an alcohol solution with red dye and contains no mercury). Thermometers can be installed in: • 1200-C12, 1200-D12 • Acrylic 1520, 1530, 1540, 1560, and 1580 bottles • All acrylic Alpha and Beta bottles
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